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Digital Portfolio and How to Turn in Your Work

What is a Digital Portfolio?

A Digital Portfolio acts as a central hub, collating all your work one location. It is a place to display your creative work online. It provides a place to store, analyze and reflect upon work through adding text, audio, and/or videos.  You can record your assignments so that the can be accessed remotely by your teachers, classmates, parents, and others. Digital Portfolios document your learning over time.  It also helps with space, storage and transportation issues in our busy classroom. 

Using your digital portfolio

How to photograph your work.

Remember, I'm using these pictures to grade your work. 

Poor pictures = poor grade

Photographing your ART

Submitting Assignments

With SchoolCam the photos and videos that you take are automatically stored in Google Drive without being stored on the device. 

The button above will take you to the app home page where you can go to the