Op Art Tubes

Op art value drawings

Op Art was a style of art in the 1960s that investigated optical illusions and color interactions.  Some pieces were black and white, while others exploded with color.  Hungarian artist Victor Vasarely is considered to be one of the predecessors of op art.

This op art-inspired drawing project reviews form and value:

Here are some examples of Op Art by the artist, Bridget Riley:


Project Requirements:

Partically completed example:

optical illusions
Op Art Tubes Sub Lesson.docx

Colored Pencil Techniques

Using the same color, apply more pressure with the pencil on the edges of the section.  The color should look like it is reaching toward the center but leaves a space for the lighter area to stay. 

Use black for cool colors (blues, greens, viloets) and brown for warm colors(reds, oranges, yellows)to deepen shadows on the edge of each tube. Make the marks darkest on the edges, and lightly add black on the edge of the color.